Channel Distribution

BabyTV is the world’s most widely distributed round-the-clock commercial-free channel for babies, toddlers, and their parents. Launched in 2003 BabyTV is distributed in 85 countries globally via over 300 affiliates, and is localized in 15 languages (August 2009 Figures).

In 2007 BabyTV became part of Fox Networks Group (UK) Limited (FNG)  and is today distributed by the 29 FNG international offices, benefiting from the FOX infrastructure and local on-ground support.

Programme Syndication

BabyTV is the leading creator of unique TV programmes developed in a specialised format for babies, toddlers and their parents. BabyTV’s original programme library, which is developed in co-operation with childhood development experts and content experts is built around nine key developmental themes:

Please contact us for a copy of BabyTV’s Programme Catalogue 2009 or visit C21screenings to view episodes of some of BabyTV’s original series, you can also view clips from all of our series here.

On Demand

BabyTV On Demand is designed to offer parents access to the programmes their children want, when and how they want it. With children’s content being a popular part of VOD offerings everywhere , BabyTV On Demand has shown to be amongst the top performers on services which feature VOD. BabyTV On-Demand features edited segments of BabyTV programming, categorized into BabyTV’s nine developmental themes to make them easy to choose from. BabyTV’s VOD offering features hundreds of half hour segments and is available in multiple languages including: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Turkish and many more.

For more information on BabyTV On Demand please contact us.


There is significant growth of Mobile TV consumption and a notable demand for Children’s content. BabyTV has devised an offering tailored for mobile needs including: short form content, a library of favourite children’s song clips, dial tones, ringtones, alarms, wallpapers, and a range of unique applications.

Home Video

BabyTV has recently introduced a successful DVD offering in various countries. “My First Years Library”. is a collectible library that covers the entire spectrum of early learning skills and developmental milestones that children encounter in their first years. BabyTV’s DVD collection features specially edited segments of BabyTV content and includes some of our channel’s leading characters such as: Lily & Pepper, Oliver, Pim & Pimba, Tulli and many more.

Please contact us for a copy of BabyTV’s “My First Years Library” DVD brochure.


BabyTV is developing a tailored consumer products programme applying its unique original IP artwork and imagery to all product categories for babies and toddlers. BabyTV is looking to nurture medium- to long- term partnerships with retailers and leading manufacturers on a worldwide basis.

Click here to view BabyTV’s Brand Profile.

Please contact us for more information on any one of the BabyTV services.
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