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BabyTV finds creative ways to play, with new show Billy Bam Bam

October 26, 2012

BabyTV’s brand new show Billy Bam Bam aims to get imaginations flowing and inspire creativity in every day play. This CGI animation activity series produced by BabyTV is available during daytime programming on the BabyTV channel in short 5 minute episodes.  

Aimed at babies and toddlers, Billy Bam Bam is an exciting and energetic show which tells the story of a brother and sister duo who discover that when they use their imaginations, they can turn the simplest everyday objects into a grand adventure. Whether it’s making music with pots and pans, playing with leaves they have collected or fruit they have picked, Billy and Bam Bam always find a way to create magical scenarios by using their imaginations!

It is natural for children to play with objects they find in their environment.  BabyTV’s aim with this show is for parents to remember how magical and important a child’s playtime can be and how important it is to support their children in using their imaginations and creativity to have fun.

Each episode examines the true value of friendship. Billy and Bam Bam learn to take turns and listen to each other and discover that they need to cooperate and be confident in various situations in order to make the most of their playtime.

Ron Isaak, Director of programming says “It is the simple things which make children happy. We go back to basics with Billy Bam Bam and explore the different ways children can have fun with simple everyday objects. We hope to encourage parents to be open minded with their children and to allow their imagination and creativity to prosper. Billy Bam Bam is a unique show and we are very excited about its launch.”

BabyTV have a dedicated Billy Bam Bam page on their website where parents can watch the show on their mobile and on the BabyTV Online Player, as well as fun activities including colouring images and wallpapers. Playtime has never been so much fun!

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