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BabyTV on board with British Airways

August 8 , 2013

Fox International’s BabyTV channel is pleased to announce that from 1st July families and their small children will be able to enjoy BabyTV’s popular original programming on board British Airways flights after the parties agreed to launch a BabyTV branded section in the airline’s inflight video system.

As part of the agreement with British Airways, BabyTV has created a bespoke VOD playlist that features two hours of edited segments with the most popular shows including Billy Bam Bam, Tulli, Cuddlies, Charlie & The Numbers, Oliver, Draco that will keep the little ones entertained on those long-haul flights across the globe on board one of the world’s leading and most popular airlines.

“Our VOD package has already proven to be a hit with non-linear platforms worldwide and we are delighted that British Airways has chosen BabyTV for its inflight entertainment experience” said Ralf Kies, Director Global Licensing & Merchandising for BabyTV.

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