Effective December 19, 2013

Fox Networks Group (UK) Limited is fully committed to providing a working environment where equal opportunities are promoted and discriminatory practices are prohibited.

Equal opportunities apply in our day-to-day approach to our colleagues and clients, an approach which is one of mutual trust and respect regardless of gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, beliefs, disability or gender re-assignment. We are committed to ensuring that all employees and potential employees are treated fairly and with dignity and respect.

It is our policy to afford equal employment opportunity to all of our employees and potential employees in the areas of recruitment, training, promotion, transfer and dismissal as well as to terms and conditions of employment, grievance and disciplinary procedures.

We are committed to employing the best qualified personnel and providing equal opportunity for the advancement of all employees. Our managers conduct business reviews to identify areas in which training is required in order to meet existing or future business needs, for example geared towards new technology or trends.

All training and development is geared towards both improving the person’s capacity to carry out their role and develop the individual’s broader skills base to help them grow within the group.

We operate an annual appraisal process, during which managers ensure that performance and development objectives are agreed with their staff along with reviewing the training needs of every employee.  Staff are required to assess their own performance regularly and to record this assessment prior to any performance meeting with their manager. The appraisal process gives the employee the opportunity to suggest how they would like their learning to develop further and how they would like their careers to progress. We also encourage CPD for those staff with a professional qualification.

More recently an employee initiative was introduced and sponsored by the Company.  FOX Swap – created mid-way through 2013 to give employees the opportunity to gain international experience by working in one of our overseas offices on a temporary basis.  Each Swap assignment lasts between 30 and 90 days, with the intention that the individual learns new skills and develops knowledge and ideas which will benefit both them and their home company when they return.  We also regularly take on Interns and work experience placements.

We pride ourselves on being proactive in terms of both encouraging people to take training, never unreasonably withholding such opportunities when requested on an ad hoc basis.

In the last financial year we provided approximately eighty off-job training courses to our employees. In addition, we continued to support employees following programmes of professional study through direct sponsorship and study leave. Training was provided across a range of categories including social media, digital world, technical, finance, law, marketing, languages, health and safety, personal development, management and leadership.

All staff promotions are selected in a fair manner and for every promotion, consideration is taken into what training is required for that individual, e.g. managerial training for a newly appointed manager.  Senior staff also mentor employees in order to get the best out of our staff.

All employees are asked to adhere to our strict employment policies (one of which is our Equal Opportunities Policy) which are communicated through the Staff handbook found on our Human Resources Information System (HRIS) available to all permanent and fixed contract staff. Everyone signs acceptance having read the document and failure to support these policies at all times can result in disciplinary proceedings.

We are confident that our policies and procedures are working well but continually review and challenge this to ensure that they do not operate against our equal opportunity principles.
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